I grew up on a little farm north of Florence, Italy. Almost everything my family ate came from the farm – prosciutto, salami, wine, and vegetables. Eating together was a very sacred ritual within my family. Missing a meal was not an option.

My mother, Elena, had several rules when it came to food. For example – drink wine because it “makes good blood”; or never eat prosciutto without bread. Upon completing art school, I embarked on a career in the fashion industry. As I traveled the world and experienced many different cultures and methods of cooking, I began to develop a deeper appreciation for the beautiful simplicity of my mother's cooking. From Italy to New York, California, Asia and Australia, the more I traveled and learned about cuisine, the more I would go back to Florence.

As the years passed, and my travels continued, I would find a kitchen wherever I was and presented my mother’s cooking to friends and colleagues, who filled my kitchen, sat at my table, and fueled my passion.